Why Attend An ADHD Meeting In Person?

“Procrastination is not laziness," I tell him. "It is fear. Call it by its right name, and forgive yourself.” ― Julia Cameron

by Meg McDonald, Executive Director, ADD Resources* –

Groups Help you Make Connections –

Find Your Peers – 

If you think you have ADHD or are diagnosed with ADHD, just talking with like-minded others in person helps. Yes, there are really others who think just like you do. Others who’ve forgotten keys, anniversaries and bills. Others who haven’t had the chance to live up to expectations; whose partners often don’t understand. A group brings us together to educate ourselves, to face the problems of ADHD together and to share experiences and advice. Together, we have a chance to learn how to cope better and feel less isolated. You’re among friends, members of your own tribe who think just like you.

What’s It Like To Attend?

You attend an ADDR Group in person. Your group is facilitated by volunteers who are professionals in related fields or who have experience with ADHD and coexisting conditions. Members also offer practical advice and tips. The topics vary and the structure varies from an educational one with a presentation to one that emphasizes emotional support and shared experiences or both.

Participating Helps

• To develop a clearer understanding of what to expect with ADHD
• Get practical advice about treatment options
• Compare notes about resources
• Talk openly and honestly about your feelings

You’ll Have A Chance

• To feel less lonely, isolated or judged
• To develop a sense of empowerment and control
• To improve coping skills
• To help reduce distress, depression and anxiety

Attend and you’ll find yourself among friends, exchanging information.

ADD Resources, A Bit Different

We are a bit different. We are independent. We provide authoritative, accurate and science-based information. We believe in the power of direct human connection. For example, you’ll likely get a real person when you call us.

We hold many monthly meetings in the Pacific Northwest to provide information and support for those with ADHD, their partners and parents of children with ADHD. These monthly meetings are open to everyone and there is no fee to attend. We  encourage contributions to continue our vital work. You’ll find a variety of interesting speakers and topics for adults, partners and parents of kids with ADHD at the meetings.

Founded by Cynthia Hammer in 1994 as a nonprofit, we’re here to help people with ADHD achieve their full potential through education, support and networking. An executive director and adult volunteers with oversight by the Board of Directors run ADD Resources. Our funding sources are grants, donations and memberships.

Check out this website. Make a contribution. You’ll help continue the important work of connecting those with ADHD to help, information and support.

About the Author

meg-150x150Meg McDonald is the executive director of ADD Resources. She has written or co-authored articles for a book and journals on topics such as hospices, physician extenders and medical algorithms as well as an annotated bibliography on epidemiology of breast cancer,  Meg was diagnosed and properly medicated for ADHD only in the last few years. She holds certificates in Nonprofit Management and Fundraising Management from the University of Washington and received her BA cum laude from Syracuse University.

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