Here’s To Success, Step By Step

by Dana Rayburn, ADHD Coach and Author* –

Big results can come from little changes. Small steps linked together eventually form a path of ADHD success. Pick one small change. That’s all I’m asking of you. One small change to reduce the stress and clutter of your ADHD life. You’ll find ideas in the list below. Just pick one small change to focus on.

15 Simple Tips for Living More Easily With ADHD

  1. Instead of saying, “I can’t” say, “I can’t, yet.”

For example, “I can’t be on time” becomes, “I can’t be on time yet.” Start getting used to the idea that you will improve and even though you have Attention Deficit things will get easier to do

  2. Tap into your personal power with 2-minute power poses

Watch this YouTube video from a Ted Talk to learn more. This is one of my favorite tips.

  3. Consciously slow down

Moving more slowly through life enhances mindfulness and helps you simplify.

  4. Approach eliminating clutter one thing at a time

Get rid of unwanted things as you notice them instead of letting stuff build until it’s a large clutter clearing project.

  5. Avoid delay

If you can do something in less than two minutes do it right away.

  6. Shorten your to do list

Instead of thinking you need to do everything, pick the one most important thing to do each day.

  7. Put your bills on autopay

You’d be surprised how many ADHD adults get their power turned off because they’ve forgotten to pay the bill.

  8. Say YES! to life

Try something new. Stand for what you believe in, dance and play and run that marathon even if it takes you all day.

  9. Pick one new house chore to focus on daily

Make the bed, wash each dish after you use it or put the dirty clothes in the hamper.

10. Pick three simple breakfasts

You can make a simple breakfast in a flash and rotate through them. Make sure they have protein to kick start your brain.

11. Listen to inspiring audio books while you drive

Include ‘how to’s” or biographies of successful people.

12. Task each appointment as you write it down

Each time you write an appointment on your calendar think about any tasks you need to do to prepare for the appointment and write those down on your to do list

13. Open the mail over the recycling bin

Immediately toss the obvious junk.

14. Think of three positive things about yourself each day

Even on days when you seem to only screw things up. Especially on days when you seem to only screw things up!

15. Hug your kids everyday and tell them they’re wonderful, creative and important

Especially when they’re being their most annoying.

And lastly, living more easily with Adult ADHD means you need useful reminders to stay on track. Otherwise, even your best intentions will fade. Be sure to set a reminder or alarm on your phone or post a sticky on your bathroom mirror. Remember always that you have the right to be successful!

About the Author


*Dana Rayburn, ADHD Coach and Author

Dana is an experienced, professional coach who specializes in ADHD. She can help us find clarity and success in our personal and professional lives. Dana has a driving, passionate belief that people with ADHD are unique and gifted. That the world needs our creativity and ideas. But, until we get our act together; until we can do things like focus and follow-through, our creativity and ideas will remain buried. Often under piles of lists and paper and other assorted clutter.

Yes, Dana has ADHD. That’s why she became a coach over twenty years ago. She has worked to manage her ADHD extremely well and is a better ADHD coach for it. More practical and empathetic. She gets ADHD. She knows what’s realistic and what’s not. Her techniques and tools are tested real world strategies.

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