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When School Discipline and Criminal Prosecution Collide

by Robert M. Tudisco, Esq, JD* – Navigating the Perfect Storm – Every parent of a student with ADHD dreads getting the call from the school, that their child has been suspended for disciplinary reasons. Even more frightening is the potential for getting a call from the police that their child has been arrested. Each […]

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Eating for Cognitive Performance – 10 Top Tips


by George H. Glade, MC, MN, ARNP* – Eating. Mostly we don’t think about it. We do it regularly – sometimes badly. Americans live life on the run both at school and at work. We’re in a rush. We trade good for fast. We trade healthy for convenient. Our eating habits are killing us. Eating well is about the pleasure of […]

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Play Therapy – Prescriptive & Non-Prescriptive


by Craig Hartman* – With early diagnosis, childhood mental illnesses is being treated and managed successfully. Play therapy is growing in popularity as a method for treating children with mental disorders. What is Play Therapy? Play therapy builds on the natural way that children learn through a trained play therapist. Play therapists can assess and understand […]

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ADHD Meds and Going to a Foreign Country

by George H. Glade, MC, MN, ARNP* –  Pack Medications in Your Carryon Bag – Here are a few simple rules that will help you pass through customs with ease. Keep all your medications in your carryon bag. Checked luggage is often thoroughly searched. Items in your luggage may get lost just as your luggage can go […]

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Are You What You Eat? Best ADHD Diet

by Dana Rayburn, ADHD Coach and Author* – Are you eating properly? If you aren’t you could be sabotaging your ADHD treatments. Eating the best diet is crucial to managing ADHD. What you eat determines how well your brain functions. Yet, many adults with ADHD have horrid diets and eating habits. We forget to eat. We skip […]

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If Punishments Don’t Work for ADHD Kids. What Does?

by Carolyn Mallon, RN – Anyone With An ADHD Child Can Relate To This Story – Last weekend, I took the kids (I’ll call them Mimi and Man Cub) to the local bookshop in town. It’s a nice place for a hot cocoa, where you can look at robot kits and roam around for a while. It […]

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Take Control of Your Emotions


By Kimberly Castelo, MS, LMFTA – Some people can regulate their emotions by meditating or doing yoga. Others still find their minds preoccupied by unhelpful thoughts while doing these same exercises. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), founded by Marsha Linehan, offers great ideas about finding ways to bring emotional regulation to each individual.  According to Linehan, if one […]

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Here’s To Success, Step By Step

by Dana Rayburn, ADHD Coach and Author* – Big results can come from little changes. Small steps linked together eventually form a path of ADHD success. Pick one small change. That’s all I’m asking of you. One small change to reduce the stress and clutter of your ADHD life. You’ll find ideas in the list below. Just pick […]

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The Worst Rankings in the Country


by Meg McDonald, Executive Director, ADD Resources – For Five States A Black Mark in Mental Health Services –  With Washington ranking 48, the other states that had the greatest need for mental health services and the poorest access to these services were Louisiana (47), Nevada (49), Mississippi (50) and Arizona (51). The overall rankings for […]

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Why Attend An ADHD Meeting In Person?

“Procrastination is not laziness," I tell him. "It is fear. Call it by its right name, and forgive yourself.” ― Julia Cameron

by Meg McDonald, Executive Director, ADD Resources* – Groups Help you Make Connections – Find Your Peers –  If you think you have ADHD or are diagnosed with ADHD, just talking with like-minded others in person helps. Yes, there are really others who think just like you do. Others who’ve forgotten keys, anniversaries and bills. […]

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